Mistakes To Avoid When Staining Your Deck in Kennett Square, PA

June 11, 2022
2022-06-11 Left Moon Painting Kennettt Square PA Deck Staining Mistakes

Mistakes To Avoid When Staining Your Deck in Kennett Square, PA

You may have a rather lovely deck, and of course you are going to want it to have a rather long life (as long as possible, that is) and part of that involves getting it to be stained, particularly if you should notice that the stain has faded or of course if you are just having the deck stained for the first time.

In getting ready to stain your deck, you should of course realize that there are things that you can do while staining that would be rather damaging to the staining process, which would possibly cause the whole project to take longer and maybe even cost more.

Let’s have a look at some mistakes to avoid when staining your deck

1. Leaving Leaves And Debris

One fairly substantial problem and error that you may find yourself facing when you’re looking to stain your deck is in the possibility of leaving the leaves and debris that are sometimes on the deck before you begin the process of staining the deck.

The issue with leaving the leaves and debris on your deck before you stain is that as you might imagine, anything that you leave on the deck will leave marks on the deck during the staining process — and you therefore will cause the deck to be stained less well, possibly, entirely ruining the staining process.

It’s best if you entirely clear the sort of leaves or debris that will be sometimes found so that you won’t run into these issues.

2. Not Protecting Underneath

Throughout the year, people will sometimes make use of the area underneath their decks as a way to store things — there is often quite a lot of space under the deck, after all, and it’s not a bad idea to take advantage of the space.

However, when you are going to be staining your deck, you must not forget about the things that are stored underneath and if you do not make the time to protect the things that are there, you will find that your precious things get some stain on them and this will be a rather unpleasant thing.

These are things that you are of course more than welcome to remove from underneath the deck area, though it may ultimately be easier to cover them with a bit of lightweight tarp as it’s easier to do this oftentimes than to try to remove that quantity of furniture or other things.

3. Not Accounting For Weather

In the process of getting ready to stain your deck, you should look at the weather for your area before you decide when you are going to be able to stain your deck.

You will note, for example, that it’s a good idea to have dry weather during the staining process — you wouldn’t want the rain to ruin the staining either while you are doing it or after you have finished and need to allow each coat to dry.

As a result, you should think about having at least a few days in a row where you are not going to see any rain and it is not forecast to do so to make sure that you get the work done correctly.

4. Not Correcting Plank Problems

Lastly, bear in mind that any problems that you have with the planks on your deck are going to need to be corrected before you stain the deck.

There are quite a few problems that you might see on any given deck, including small pits that can be filled and even those that are significant enough that entire planks need to be replaced.

Bear in mind that if the latter happens to be the case, you’re going to need to make sure that the kind of plank you get to replace the bad one as it were should match.

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