More Bathroom Cabinet Painting Errors To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

November 1, 2023
2023-11-01 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA More Bathroom Cabinet Painting Errors

More Bathroom Cabinet Painting Errors To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

We have previously covered the subject of bathroom cabinet painting errors that you should be avoiding in this article, but we did not cover all of the topics that were worthy of discussion.

Indeed, we are returning to the matter of bathroom cabinet painting so that you can ensure that you have the best painted bathroom cabinets with a minimum of mess and a better budget.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some more bathroom cabinet painting errors to avoid when you want well painted bathroom cabinets.

1. Not Choosing Color Carefully

If you are not choosing carefully when you are considering the color or colors that you will be using for painting your bathroom cabinets, it’s entirely possible that you will end up with cabinets that on their own look fine — but don’t look good in your bathroom.

When you’re looking around your bathroom, it’s important that you pay attention to the various colors that are in the rest of the room, be they the walls of the room or the floor or even the ceiling.

You might even look at the colors you have chosen for the decor in the room as this will have some influence on the way that the cabinets will look in the room.

It helps to be able to make use of small samples of paint on your cabinet so that you can get a good idea of how the color will look and interact with the rest of the room.

2. Rushing Through Painting

Though you may find that your typical painting project will be quite extensive in how much there is to be done, you should not in any case rush through the painting process.

This means that you certainly shouldn’t try applying paint more quickly than a good pace, and in any case, you should not just skip the process of allowing surfaces to dry.

Doing these things will cause painting issues to occur that you will have a hard time fixing, and in some cases the entirety of the painting project will be thrown off to the extent that you will need to start anew — which is quite a waste of your time.

3. Not Ventilating While You Paint

Though you might not think about ventilation while you are painting your bathroom cabinets, it’s quite important and given the small space that some bathrooms have it’s even more essential that you set yourself up for success with a good ventilation system.

Even though you’re painting a relatively small thing (compared to painting all of the walls in the room) you still are making use of substances that require a good amount of ventilation to be applied in a healthy manner.

This involves at the very least keeping the door open while you are painting and ideally a couple of windows if it is at all possible — it will keep a good flow of air going so that you get fresh air in the room and the strong paint fumes from lingering in the room.

4. Not Protecting The Floor While You Paint

Lastly, remember that your floors are going to need to be protected while you paint — for if you don’t prepare to protect your floors, it’s a bit like preparing to get paint all over your floors.

Though it may not seem like it’s going to be that big of a deal to get paint on your floors, you have to remember the extent to which paint dries quickly and therefore you have to be sure to get the paint to not get on your floors in the first place — or you will be rushing to remove the paint from the floors.

This can be achieved with a good tarp or drop cloth — a little prevention will go a long way in helping keep your painting project a bit less messy!

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