Painting cedar siding in West Chester, PA: Guide to finishes and FAQs

February 23, 2020
Painting cedar siding in West Chester, PA_ Guide to finishes and FAQs

Painting cedar siding in West Chester, PA: Guide to finishes and FAQs

If your home in West Chester, PA, has Cedar siding, we have some tips and answers on some of the most commonly asked questions.
Read on;

Why paint rather than apply other surface treatments?

Short answer: Acrylic latex paint is the most reliable finish in terms of cedar protection.

Details: The type of finish chosen is determined by the style preference, and really what one wants the coating to look like and the frequency of re-finishing.

Is there a “painted cedar” style, or is it just a matter of practicality?

Short answer: Yes, there is a style. It is not a question of protection.

Details: In many markets, painted siding is the preferred “look.”

Can you paint cedar without priming it first?

Short answer: Yes, but it is strongly discouraged.

Details: A two-coat system, primer with a top coat of paint, will have a significantly longer life than a single coat of paint (or solid stain). Paint without primer applied to weathered wood will have adhesion difficulties.

Are there any painting techniques that work better for cedar? For example, spray vs. Hand Brush vs. Roller?

Short answer: Hand brushing is recommended.

Details: For touch-up, hand brushing is always preferred. If you choose to spray, the best results will be obtained by brushing the finish during the application. Hand brushing will likely have more paint on the wood.

Is there an optimal time window for painting cedar?

Short answer: Paint within two weeks. Do not wait for more than 12 weeks.

Details: For best results, if the paint is the chosen top coat, fresh siding should be pre-primed on all six sides with a stain-resistant primer and covered with 100% acrylic latex paint. Alkyd oil primers are recommended, but a high-quality latex primer can be chosen, provided it contains stain inhibitors.

Allowing fresh siding to “settle” for as little as two weeks affects the adhesion of the coating.

Can you paint an extremely old cedar?

Short answer: Yes, but it takes a lot of preparation. Even then, the paint will not last long.

Details: Surface preparation is the key to success in treating weathered wood.

The coating must be free of mold, mildew, and dirt. Peeled surface fibers and any remaining peeled finish must be removed before finishing.
Sanding is an option on smooth siding, and commercial strippers/restorers are available to accomplish this.

Does vertical grain cedar retain paint better than flat grain?

Short answer: Yes.

Details: Vertical grain cedar, due to the orientation of the cell structure, absorbs alkyd oil and stain blocking primers better than flat grain cedar.
However, knotty cedar holds these primers well because most models of knotty cedar siding have a textured or re-sawn face.

The Bottom Line

The above is just a sample of the most common questions homeowners ask our team regarding cedar siding.

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