Painting Over Wallpaper — Tips To Consider In Kennett Square, PA

August 1, 2023
2023-08-01 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Painting Over Wallpaper Tips

Painting Over Wallpaper — Tips To Consider In Kennett Square, PA

In getting ready to paint an interior room in your home, you may find that you have wallpaper on the walls, and when you realize that it is going to cause more damage to the walls than not and therefore it’s not worth trying to remove it, the next best thing is to paint over the wallpaper.

However, it’s well known that even when you’re painting over wallpaper there are things that you need to consider in order to get the work done properly.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips to consider when you’re painting over wallpaper and want it to look right.

1. Test The Paint And Primer

When you’re looking to paint over wallpaper, you have a difficult issue in that you can never be totally sure that a primer or paint is going to adhere well until you’ve used it.

If you test out the paint or primer on a small patch of your wallpaper, you’ll be able to see if the wallpaper is going to let the primer or paint adhere to it well — and if it does not, you will know that it’s not the right primer or paint for you.

For this reason, you should make use of samples of these over buying full containers of primer and paint — that way even if it turns out that you have got the wrong kind of paint, you won’t have spent that much on them and you can find a different use for them.

2. Multiple Thin Coats

As someone who is trying to save time while you are painting an interior room, you may want to just try to apply a thicker coat of paint rather than a couple of thinner coats of paint.

Even if this were to be a good method for other rooms in your home that don’t have wallpaper, it certainly is not a recommended strategy for a room in which you are painting over wallpaper.

The better thing to do in this case is to apply a number of thinner coats of paint overtop your wallpaper, which will get your room a well and evenly coated look, paint wise.

3. Primer Cannot Be Skipped

It does happen sometimes when you’re painting a room that you won’t absolutely need to apply a coat of primer before you apply the first coat of paint, but this is not the case when you’re looking to paint a room with wallpaper.

Indeed, the benefits of primer in a room with wallpaper are numerous but among the more important is the fact that the primer will best seal the surface that you’re going to be painting and help you to apply your first coat of paint much more easily.

Moreover, you will typically find that when you apply a coat of paint to your walls that have primer on them, that paint will tend to stay on much longer so from a budget perspective it makes more sense to do so — going longer before you have to paint again is better for your wallet and your walls.

4. Repair Damage Before Painting

Lastly, remember that you should not paint over damaged wallpaper — it will be quite clear and evident that you have done so when you have finished.

Instead, remove and sand the damaged section so that it is as smooth as possible and then you will be able to move onto the next step in the painting process.

A well repaired section bit of wall will look much better when you’ve finished painting than if you just take the chance to paint over a damaged wall.

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