Painting the Perfect Guest Bathroom in Kennett Square, PA.

May 1, 2022
2022-05-01 Left Moon Painting Perfect Guest Bathroom Kennet Square, PA

Painting the Perfect Guest Bathroom in Kennet Square, PA.

Oftentimes, our bathrooms are the last room in our home that we think about painting or decorating, and yet it’s one of the most used rooms because everyone needs it.

When guests come to our homes, it’s important to help them feel comfortable so they can truly rest and enjoy their visit, and having a nice bathroom at their disposal is one way to keep friends and loved ones feeling at home.

So, is it better to go fancy or keep it simple — should we paint the cabinetry as well as the walls?

To begin answering those questions, let’s talk about painting the perfect guest bathroom in Kennet Square, PA.

Embracing the Vintage

If you’ve either moved into a home that was built in the mid-1900s and never updated — or perhaps had grandparents who continued to keep their midcentury fixtures — you might have come across some interesting powder blue and pink sinks, tubs, and toilets.

Colorful bathroom fixtures were popular in days past and can be a gorgeous feature or a tasteful homage in contemporary homes today.

If you have these in your home, in good shape, and want to keep them, then using a pale neutral on your walls will help to bring the fixtures into focus and give them the opportunity to shine.

Alternatively, you can opt for paint colors that match these bygone bathrooms to bring to mind potties of the past and perhaps add fun photos to the walls for artistic reference.

This idea adds a homey, nostalgic feeling for your guests as they use the restroom during their visit.

Keeping it Rich

Many bathrooms can be smaller spaces and, as such, we are taught to avoid darker colors in order to make the spaces seem larger than they are.

However, this isn’t a necessity as many richer colors can actually make a small space seem cozy and warm with the right lighting.

A darker blue or green can not only give your guest bath a welcoming warmth, but the decorative accents you can tie in with these colors are quite variable — gold and bronze tones can add a touch of elegance that brings to mind a jewel-like aesthetic.

Your guests can sink into a bath in this room with the feeling of being in a luxurious hotel.

Bringing Home the Spa

If someone suggests a spa day, the first thing that comes to your mind is the relaxation you feel both during spa treatments and afterward.

Clean lines and white or calming colors like celery green serve to not overwhelm the mind and give the air of a space where one can breathe easily without stress or clutter.

Botanical print wallpaper accents, wall art and live plants round out this design, and a bonus to the spa theme is that most elements in this design are both affordable and easy to come by

Adding this atmosphere to your guest bathroom brings the pampering of a spa into your home and makes their visit memorable.

Loving Your Homestead

Finally, there is one popular design that never fails to invoke a feeling of ease and comfort in your guests — the homestead or farmhouse theme.

Soothing whites, light earth tones, and shiplap work beautifully with this design, and painted cabinetry also serves to tie together a farmhouse aesthetic with rustic touches and black faucets, knobs, and pulls.

This homey look lends more of a welcoming touch and lets your guests feel like they are in a home away from home.

Regardless of your design choice, your guests are sure to love their stay and want to come to visit again.

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