Painting Tips For Your Wooden Fence in Greenville, DE

April 26, 2022
2022-04-26 Left Moon Painting Greenville DE Wooden Fence Painting Tips

Painting Tips For Your Wooden Fence in Greenville, DE

In looking to get your home looking as good as possible, of course, you will want to think about what you may like to paint or otherwise improve – be it the exterior of your home or perhaps even something adjacent to your home… such as a wooden fence that surrounds your home.

Though of course, there are some people who will be more than happy to leave their wooden fence to remain exactly as it is, others will say that a good wooden fence just doesn’t look right unless it is painted — and of course, there’s always the possibility that your wooden fence was quite well painted years ago and just has had years of aging on it and no longer looks as nice as it once did.

Whichever way it may be, at some point when you realize that your wooden fence is in need of a new paint job you are going to have to set about making the time to get it painted, and if you decide to take on the task it will greatly help to have on your side some good information regarding how to do it right.

Let’s have a look at some painting tips for your wooden fence in Greenville, DE.

1. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

The first thing that you’re going to want to bear in mind when you’re thinking about painting your wooden fence is that you should use a particular kind of paint, and that will specifically depend on the sort of weather that you will be expecting in your area.

In an area like Greenville, DE, where you might expect to see the standard four seasons of the year, of course, you will first and foremost be using an exterior paint and not an interior paint – but it will also be good to make use of paint that will protect your fence against inclement weather such as the snow that routinely comes around during the winter or even the harsh rays of the sun during the summer.

By doing this, you will ensure that you will have a good paint job on your wooden fence that will last for a significantly longer period of time than if you just use exterior paint that does not protect against the elements.

2. Clean Before Painting

Insofar as you are going to be painting the exterior of your home area, more specifically the wooden fence that surrounds your home, you have to do some cleaning prior to the actual painting process.

Though of course you’d probably rather have the paint just go right onto the fence as is, the reality is that this is the easiest way that you’re going to go about having a paint job that is not going to last all that long.

The better way to go about properly painting your fence is going to be by first properly removing any dirt and muck that might be on the surface of the fences, but also taking care to scrape the loose paint that could be on the fences if they were previously painted.

3. Sand Properly

You may be well aware of the fact that a well sanded surface is easier to paint than one that is not sanded, and this is particularly the case when it comes to something like your wooden fence.

By making sure that you sand your wooden fence, you’re going to be able to more easily apply the primer that will go onto the fence before your first coat of paint – and ultimately you’ll find that the paint that you apply to your fence is going to stay on the fence considerably longer.

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