Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets On A Budget in Kennett Square, PA

January 23, 2022
2022-01-23 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square, PA Bathroom Cabinets Budget

Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets On A Budget in Kennett Square, PA

You might realize that your bathroom cabinets are in need of being painted, but that’s not going to help you once you look at all of the figures and estimates that go into the painting project – and you might want to shy away from doing any kind of bathroom cabinet repainting once you realize how possibly expensive it can get.

However, you may be relieved to find out that there are things you can do in order to bring down the overall cost of your bathroom cabinet painting project.

With that being the case, let’s look at some tips and techniques for painting your bathroom cabinet on a budget in Kennett Square, PA

1. Use Borrowed Equipment

One thing you can do in order to bring down the cost of your bathroom cabinet painting project is to borrow the equipment that is going to be used to paint the cabinets.

The reason that this is such a good idea is that often enough, you don’t really engage in painting projects except for once every few years and when this is the case, it’s a bit silly to spend so many hundreds of dollars on equipment that is going to be sitting around in a closet with nothing to do for a couple of years.

You may also be interested to know that when you have nobody in your life that may be able to loan you equipment, you can sometimes find hardware libraries (it’s a thing) that can loan you the painting equipment that you will need to paint your bathroom cabinets.

2. Avoid Cheap Paint

It’s a common misconception that if you don’t spend a lot of money on paint, you’re not any worse off than if you buy more expensive paint and that the only difference is a fancy name on a label.

However, this is not at all the case – and if you do resort to using cheap paint on your bathroom cabinet painting project, you may ultimately suffer and have to pay more later on when you have to repaint your bathroom cabinets.

For one, you don’t necessarily know if the cheaper paint you buy is going to protect you against mildew and mold, two of the biggest threats that are prevalent in the bathroom

Moreover, you might see that cheaper paints tend to have issues with peeling and even getting an alligator like appearance, which will then lead to you having to paint all over again.

3. Prime Before You Paint

Another way that you’re going to be able to bring down the long-term cost of your painting project is by making sure to apply a coat of primer before you apply the first coat of paint.

Though it’s going to cost you money upfront to get the primer, you are going to ultimately reap greater rewards in the form of having paint that not only is easier to apply to your bathroom cabinets but also is going to stay on the surface longer.

4. Do Not Rush The Painting Process

One of the easiest way that you can bring down the price of painting your bathroom cabinets is to be more careful when painting them and to not rush the painting process.

By taking your time when you are painting your bathroom cabinets and by taking other precautions to make the process safer, you are going to be making fewer mistakes in painting, which means that you will have to go back and correct fewer mistakes as it were… which ultimately means that your project will cost less as these mistakes are generally quite costly!

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