Renovating a Condo Bathroom West Chester, PA: What You Need To Know

October 23, 2020
Renovating a Condo Bathroom West Chester, PA_ What You Need To Know

Renovating a Condo Bathroom West Chester, PA: What You Need To Know

A renovation project in a condo is quite an adventure; it involves a lot of steps, careful preparation, and planning.
Since you have to deal with limited space, probably stuck between your neighbors’ apartments, any renovation project in your condo will need to consider these.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, this has its share of difficulties and limitations, which are different from those that apply to residential renovation projects.

Fortunately, when it comes to renovating your condo bathroom, we’re here to share some tips with you.
Here are some things to consider before diving headfirst into your renovations as well as some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project.

Some ‘rules’ to consider.

Before you start removing tiles from your floor or replacing your shower, it is important to know the rules governing renovation projects in the building where you live.
Most condominium buildings are affiliated to homeowner associations, which are responsible for determining the rules to be observed to live in a community and the changes that can be made in the building, this generally including renovations.
Aspects relating to your renovation project that could be governed by the association are as follows:

• The days and times when renovations can take place;
• The materials that are allowed in the building;
• Which freight elevator or lift can be used?
• The rules for hiring a contractor.

In some cases, you will need a permit in addition to written authorization from the association.
In any case, it is crucial to know the logistics involved in renovating a condo in advance. Otherwise, planning the work schedule, delegating it, and even carrying it out could cause you serious headaches.

Keep in mind that confirming these logistical aspects in advance will help you stay on the good side of the association and your neighbors.
It’s also important to mention that due to the logistics of renovating a condo, the process might be slower than if you were renovating your own home.
When it comes to setting a timeline, try to be as realistic as possible.

Why are you renovating?

When moving into a condo, it is usual for the decor elements, finishes, and appliances to be completely new.
That doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with these.
However, cosmetic improvements and touch-ups are not the only reasons for carrying out a renovation project.
You might want to change the bathroom setup, floor, shower style, and so on.

Before starting your project, think about your reasons for renovating.
You need to determine if you are renovating for sale, for rent, or for your convenience.
You may be renovating for these three reasons. More often than not, your home improvement project will be motivated by just one of these reasons, and because of that, the process will be different.

The peculiarities of condo bathrooms

Even though the bathroom is probably the smallest room in your condo, it is one of the most important.
Regardless of the reasons behind your remodeling project, restrictions, and space limitations in a condo bathroom can be a huge constraint to work with.
If you are unsure of which approach to take, we suggest you work with an expert to maximize this space.
If you need some guidance, let’s talk about some peculiarities of this space as well as some things you might think of:

The shower or sink could be one of the things you might want to renovate. It is important to keep in mind that moving one of these may not be possible, as the water supply system or pipes cannot always change location.

Rather than moving it, consider other ways to open up space.
You could decide to install a glass door rather than a shower curtain, or you could choose to experiment with a more minimalist decor like a slender faucet or a ‘rain effect’ showerhead.

Changing the color or materials in your condo bathroom is another great way to renovate without making any major changes. Hiring a painting contractor to do a quick paint job might be all you needed to give your bathroom a facelift.

Need Some Help Repainting Your Bathroom?

If you don’t have the painting and design skills and experience required to paint your bathroom or interior, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in West Chester, PA, like Left Moon Painting.

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