Things to Inspect Before Buying a Home in Square, PA

December 2, 2020
Things to Inspect Before Buying a Home in Square, PA, Left Moon Painting

Things to Inspect Before Buying a Home in Square, PA

Buying a home is probably the most important financial investment in your life.
Because of this, any future owner should be assured of paying a fair price for their new property and not be faced with unforeseen work and the costs that come with it.

To do this, a proper inspection must be carried out, and this is what you and your inspector should focus on.

What to Inspect Before Buying a Home in Square, PA

The Roof

Depending on the type of shingles used, the durability will vary.
At a minimum, it should last 20 years.

Thus, knowing the year of the roof change will allow you to know if it will be necessary to replace it soon.
When you consider that a new roof costs several thousand dollars, it’s relatively easy to put it on the list of interest items.

Paying particular attention to the condition of the shingles can give you an indication at this point.
Are there any missing shingles? Are some damaged?

If a lot of fixes need to be done, consider replacing the roof.
Still, regarding the shingles’ condition, be aware that if they are wavy or their edges are raised, this could indicate poor ventilation in the attic.

What about soffits? These must be present to ensure that the roof is adequately ventilated.

Moreover, an exhaust vent is also mandatory to allow the air entering through the soffits to be expelled from the roof.

Leaks or damp spots near the chimney are evidence that it will either need to be repaired or replaced in the worst case.
Water infiltration may have occurred due to the lack of tightness of the flashing around its base.

Inspecting the roof also involves taking a look at the gutters.
Are they securely attached, are their connections waterproof?
Finally, check that they are not blocked, as this could cause water to accumulate on the roof.


This is also a very crucial aspect that should not be overlooked in any way.
Please make sure the pipes are not lead: they should be copper or PVC. Otherwise, you will have to pay significant costs to change the entire system.
Try to spot the presence of water leaks, as this will require repairs as quickly as possible.
The cost of plumbing renovations can be very high, be vigilant.


In the long list of things that should be checked during this inspection, the woodwork should not be left out.
Thus, observe the outline of the windows, the moldings, and the frame of the doors.
In the same vein, check the floors’ condition to see if restoration will be required before moving in.

Humidity: a sign to watch out for when inspecting your home

Also, carefully observe the walls to make sure there’re no traces of mold or moisture.
This could indicate a lack of insulation inside the walls of the property, coupled with insufficient ventilation.
Secondly, check that there are no whitish traces on the basement walls if it is not yet finished.

These traces of efflorescence indicate excess moisture and may signal structural damage.
It is also possible that the stains’ source is only the moisture of the water in the concrete and mortar mixture.
In this case, the stains will only need a simple cleaning. Once again, a professional’s expertise will be of great help to you in knowing the extent of the damage.

As always, if you don’t have home renovation skills such as painting, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in West Chester, PA, like Left Moon Painting.

We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester, PA.

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