Understanding Your Renovation Contract in Square, PA

November 23, 2020

Understanding Your Renovation Contract in Square, PA

Signing a renovation contractor can raise a considerable number of questions about what information and what clauses should be included in it.
In a zone of uncertainty, worry quickly arises and will make renovations a stressful time.

To go through this period in Square, PA, with peace of mind, we will be sharing some of the things to look out for in a renovation contract and what to expect.

The Essential Information to Include In a Renovation Contract

Here is a list of the items that should appear on your renovation contract:

• The name and address of the contractor (a simple post office box is not sufficient);
• License and permit numbers;
• The tentative start and end dates of the work;
• The contractor’s civil liability insurance policy number and the name of his insurance company;
• Cost of the project.
• A detailed description of the work to be performed and the materials used, including the types of products involved in the project (doors, windows, or other) and their style, brand, and color. This description includes preparatory and finishing work;
• A statement as to whether any items need to be removed (devices or materials) and how these will be taken care of;
• Your full address and contact details;
• The nature of the work that you will carry out yourself, if applicable. These must also be included in the work schedule agreed with the contractor.
• An indication of who will obtain the permits necessary to carry out the work (if permits other than the renovation permit that you must obtain yourself from your municipality are required);
• The terms of payment for the work (divided into several installments, with or without a deposit);

Watch out for these signs

Be wary of contractors who demand cash payments or full payment upfront. In all cases, prioritize the payment of amounts due by check, avoiding paying the full amount in a single payment.

You may also be suspicious if a contractor asks you to obtain the building permit yourself, as this is never your responsibility.

In case of a problem

f for any reason you are not satisfied with the work that has been done, you must notify the contractor in writing.
You can also withhold the amounts corresponding to the work targeted in your request as long as the corrective measures have not been carried out.

If a peaceful resolution to the dispute is not an option, it is possible to use a lawyer’s services.
Before this drastic measure, you must send a registered letter to notify the contractor that the contract will be canceled if an agreement is not established to both parties’ satisfaction.

Terminate your Contract

You can terminate the contract within ten days of having it in person.
You will then need to send a contract resolution letter, which formally states that you wish to terminate the planned agreement.
If a deposit has already been paid for the work’s performance or the purchase of materials, the contractor typically has a maximum of 15 days to reimburse the total amount.

It is possible to terminate the contract after one year if the contractor did not have a certification that complies with that required by the municipality or if mandatory information was missing.

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