Useful Tips in Painting Shiplap Walls in Pocopscon, PA

May 11, 2022
2022-05-11 Left Moon Painting Useful Tips in Painting Shiplap Walls

Useful Tips in Painting Shiplap Walls in Pocopscon, PA

If you are thinking about making a bold statement in your home, consider painting shiplap walls, as it is very easy to personalize and add a character when you have the right color.

Shiplap is a kind of wooden wall style that is siding characterized by long planks, and it’s usually painted in white that is mounted horizontally.

It has a slight gap between, in a way that induces exterior shiplap walls to add a subtle texture and charm to the interior of your home.

It gives a rustic modern feel to the design of your home, and the wider the shiplap works well when you cover the entire room, the thinner it looks, like a great accent to your wall.

With that in mind, here are some useful tips for painting shiplap walls in Pocopscon, PA. 

1. Choose a Paint Color and Sheen 

Before you begin with the painting, perhaps choosing your preferred color for the paint and sheen for the shiplap is recommended before starting any work.

That way, you can always get right into it once your shiplap wall is ready to be painted.

Though it can be a hard task to choose a paint color, it can never be too hard if you already know what you’ve always wanted to achieve.

You may go for darker or lighter paint color; it depends on the wall statement you’ve always pictured.

2. Preparation of Shiplap Board 

The right way to have a beautiful finish when painting any type of wood, you also need to prepare the shiplap board before proceeding with the installation

There may be a lot of types of real shiplap boards, like pre-sanded and pre-primed, which will save you enough time for you don’t have to prime or sand.

3. Painting of Shiplap Wall Gaps While Installing 

If you want to protect your floors when you start with the painting, you should be using old sheets or drop cloth.

You also have to use a paintbrush and paint the gaps once you start installing the shiplap boards to the wall, and you have to do this whether you are using faux or real shiplap boards with plywood.

Though it can be challenging and time-consuming to try and paint between shiplap boards, it’s going to be worth it once they’re installed on the wall.

4. Painting Around Outlets 

If your walls come with outlets, you have to remove the outlet covers first once the installation is complete.

You have to paint it around with a brush to create an even painting and make it look neat.

5. Sand and Fill Nail Holes 

Since you will be painting your shiplap walls, you also have to sand and fill the nail holes with a spackle when you hang the shiplap.

This will also touch up the shiplap paint in the spots using a wood filler, and once you sand down the nail holes, paint it over to have a seamless look, so there will be no excess spackle remains.

6. Painting the Side Edges

You should also paint one of the side edges of the shiplap boards so the board transitions will not be obvious and to make it look neat.

Wherever you see molding, it must be cut in using a paintbrush, and if the first cut dries, proceed with the second coating.

Also, when you start getting to the top of the wall, you can just start painting the bottom of the shiplap board before installing it on the wall to make it look nicer and less shadowy because the boards are at eye level.

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