What Finish Should You Choose for Your Wooden Furniture?

June 9, 2020
What Finish Should You Choose for Your Wooden Furniture_

What Finish Should You Choose for Your Wooden Furniture?

Nice, Saturday morning you decided to paint your wooden porch furniture, your dining table or the chest of drawers in your home in Kennett Square, PA

But you still hesitate on the finish you should choose and apply on your wooden furniture: wax, varnish or paint?

It is not always easy to choose the finish that best meets your daily constraints and your aesthetic desires.
This is why in today’s article, we will be sharing important tips on how to choose between waxed, varnished, or painted finishes.

Why Apply a Finish to A Piece of Furniture?

The furniture in your home is subject to daily stress such as shock, scratches, friction, dust, liquids, and household products.
The finishes are there to protect them. There are two types of finish: impregnation finishes which penetrate the wood fibers to reinforce them as well as film-forming finishes which create a protective film on the surface.

Applying a finish to your furniture also allows it to be beautified and to give it a decorative style.
In fact, the finishes enhance the grain of the wood, its color, its appearance, and its feel.

Varnish and Paint (Film-Forming Finishes)

Film-forming finishes are products that form a protective film on the surface of the wood. They are often chosen for their decorative style and their very easy maintenance.
They also offer your furniture great resistance to daily stresses (scratches, friction, liquids, etc.).

Why Varnish Your Wooden Furniture?

Being, transparent and very resistant, the varnish is ideal if you want to bring modernity to your old furniture while keeping the wood visible or if you want to protect your industrial furniture from your 100% natural wood decoration.

Decorative aspect and rendering: The aesthetic and decorative aspect is one of the selection criteria: shine, touch, highlighting the grain of the wood or the depth of the color.
The varnish gives a more modern and more contemporary style to antique furniture.
Repair, renovation, and maintenance: varnished furniture requires little or no maintenance.

Why Paint Your Wooden Furniture?

If you want to change the decor style of your furniture, restore color to your interior or if you no longer want to make the wood visible, painting is a suitable solution.

Decorative aspect and rendering: 100% opaque, the paints today offer an impressive palette of colors as well as nice decorative effects: mat, lacquered, satin, glitter.
And it is for this reason that paint is the most used solution for restyling wooden furniture.
Repair, renovation, and maintenance: Chosen for its decorative virtues, paint also requires little or no maintenance. If the old paint is worn out or if you no longer like it, scape and sand and apply the new coat of paint.
Resistance: Thanks to its protective and resistant film, the paint resists small daily stresses: water, food liquids, dust, etc.

Why Polish Your Wooden Furniture?

If you want to restore your old decorative furniture or antique furniture, we recommend wax as an alternative to protect and preserve the beauty of the wood.

Appearance and decorative effect: Wax (also called polish) is a very old product that helps nourish the wood and make it shine by polishing. It enhances the warmth and naturalness of the wood and provides a rustic style. Wax is also used by antique dealers or bargain hunters to give character to antique furniture.
Its appearance offers a special visual shine that lasts over time.

Repair, renovation, and maintenance: The wax is easy to maintain and renovate. Polish regularly with woolen cloth to revive the shine.

Resistance: We recommend the use of wax for old and recent furniture for decorative use such as a bookcase, a sideboard, or a console.

The Bottom Line

So, if you don’t have the painting and staining skills, experience, and tools required, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in West Chester, PA, like Left Moon Painting.
We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

If you would like to give us a try, request a FREE estimate below to get started or call us at (484) 757-5295 for more information.

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