Fence Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

June 16, 2024
2024-06-16 Left Moon Painting Fence Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

Fence Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

In getting your home to look its best, you may find that you are painting the fence just to help the exterior of your home look better — better curb appeal, for example.

However, as much as you want to have a nice looking fence it will not help you well if you make painting mistakes that cause issues along the way.

The good thing that you should know is that if you are knowledgable about these sorts of mistakes, you can avoid them — and make for a better looking painted fence.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some fence painting mistakes to avoid when you want a well painted fence.

1. Not Cleaning After Sanding

One mistake that people make while they are in the midst of their painting process is to not clean after they sand the surfaces that are going to be painted.

Though you may be well aware of the fact that the sanding process is a good one that helps get you a smoother surface to paint, that does not mean that they realize that cleaning is necessary after the sanding is done.

Though the time that you take to clean after you sand may seem like it’s quite a lot, it’s better to make the time to clean after sanding than to find the fine sanding dust in the paint or primer that you later apply to your fence.

2. Not Using Weather Appropriate Paint

If you are going to be painting your fence you should be well aware of the sorts of weather that you are going to have and make use of a paint that is going to protect your fence from the elements you will face therein.

For example, if you see a lot of rain in your area you are going to want to make use of a paint that is going to protect the fence from a lot of rain, which is not the same as the sort of paint that you might use that has UV protection to keep it from aging more quickly when exposed to a lot of sun.

However the weather goes, bear in mind that the sort of paint you use is going to possibly going to help you with the weather or not if you choose the wrong sort of paint.

3. Not Protecting Your Plants

If you are painting your fence and do not take the time to consider the plants that are outside of your home or near your fence, you may as well just be getting ready to paint your plants along with your fence.

Though your plants should not be painted during the painting of your fence, what you’re going to want to do is to make sure that you keep them safe and healthy throughout the painting process.

This amounts to using a sort of cover for the plants that will keep the plants from getting any paint on them but also will ensure that they get light.

Make sure that you put some water on the plants before you cover them with the protective covering so that they don’t dry out while you are painting the fence and if you find that the process takes awhile you should periodically uncover and water them.

4. Painting While It Rains

Lastly (though we may revisit this subject) remember that rain is one of the biggest enemies of outdoor painting in general and so you aren’t going to want to paint while it is raining.

Indeed, you should be sure that the forecast does not call for rain while you are getting ready for painting and if it does rain on a day you are mean to paint, don’t hesitate to call it off.

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