More Tips For Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets On A Budget in Unionville, PA

December 21, 2023
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More Tips For Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets On A Budget in Unionville, PA

We have previously discussed tips for painting your bathroom cabinets, and while that article did get a good amount of advice, there is more to be discussed.

Indeed, your bathroom cabinets can be painted without spending quite a lot of money — and the best part is that they will be looking quite nice and like new cabinets.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some more tips for painting your bathroom cabinets on a budget when you want a nice looking set of bathroom cabinets.

1. Repurpose Old Materials

Though you may think that you have to come into a painting project with all newly purchased materials, this is not at all the case and you’re going to be able to do quite well for yourself by making use of old materials in painting.

This doesn’t have to be limited to the things outside of your paint and primer, either — if you have a bucket of paint from a previous painting project, for example, it may go marvelously for your current painting project and your cabinets may look quite nice with that color paint.

Even if you have some tarp that you had for an entirely unrelated project, it’s quite possible that it will suit you well for painting your bathroom cabinets and will mean you won’t have to get floor covering for the project.

2. Brush Or Roller Over Spray

You may see videos of people applying paint to their bathroom cabinets using a spray painting gun and think that this would be a magnificent way for you to do this.

Even if this were true and it’s that much of a significantly better way to apply paint to your bathroom cabinet surfaces, the price point of a spray gun is remarkably high.

The better way to go about painting your bathroom cabinets when you are on a budget is to make use of a brush or a roller — not only do you have a bit more control over these in terms of some of the smaller areas to paint, but you will save quite a bit of money by making use of them.

3. Sand Before You Start

If you want to have a painting project that’s going to last you a good long time, you will want to start off the project by sanding the surfaces that you are going to be painting (after properly cleaning them and letting them dry) as this will help the project in a couple of ways.

The one good thing that a gentle sanding will do for your bathroom cabinets is that it will help you to apply the paint and primer in a more smooth manner — this will make for an easier painting process, which is a certainly pleasant thing.

Additionally, sanding gently before you start will help your primer and paint adhere better to the surface being painted — this will ensure that your cabinets look nicer for a longer period of time and this is good for the budget in a more long term way.

Specifically, this is the case because when you don’t need to paint your cabinets for a longer period of time, the money you invest in it is ultimately spread out over that longer period of time and thus a better deal for you over time.

4. Look For Bargains On Paint

Lastly, you should remember that even though you aren’t going to want to buy cheap paint, there’s nothing wrong with getting paint at a discount.

Sometimes you are going to be able to get a discount on paint when it goes on sale — and that does happen on occasion.

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