Basement Cabinet Painting On A Budget In Unionville, PA

February 21, 2024
2024-02-21 Left Moon Painting Basement Cabinet Painting On A Budget In Unionville PA

Basement Cabinet Painting On A Budget In Unionville, PA

In looking to update your basement cabinets, you may think about how painting the cabinets would be a much better deal than replacing them entirely.

Cabinet can still be quite pricey to paint, though there are things that you can do to bring down the price of your painting project.

With that being the case, let’s have a good look at some tips for basement cabinet painting on a budget when you want a well painted set of basement cabinets.

1. Buy Paint When It’s On Sale

One thing that’s going to be helpful for you when you’re looking to paint your basement cabinet on a budget is to look for paint when it is on sale and buy it then, not necessarily when it is full price.

Though there is sometimes no way to know when paint is going to go on sale (or the other things that go into a painting project) but if you have the time to make for a painting project like this one, it is well worth it.

The thing that you have to bear in mind regarding this is that you won’t just be able to one day decide to paint your basement cabinets and then start painting them the same day as the likelihood of a sale happening to be that day are quite low and so some planning is going to be necessary.

2. Apply Primer Before You Paint

In painting your basement cabinets, it’s quite a good idea to be sure that you have a smooth surface upon which you are applying your paint.

A well sanded surface, for example, that has been cleaned of its sanding dust is going to be more smooth than one which has not been sanded at all — and primer is going to help you even more in this.

Applying primer will also make your surface more adhesive, meaning that you will have the paint on the cabinets for a longer period of time than if there is no primer on the cabinets.

Though at first you will be paying more for painting with primer, you’ll ultimately save money because it’ll be a longer period of time before you’re going to need to paint again.

3. Remove Hardware Before You Paint

Part of the process of painting your cabinets is the removal of the hardware, should you have any, on your cabinet drawers and doors.

Though it may seem like an insignificant part of the process, it’s quite important to helping you save time and money while you are getting them painted well.

This is because you will likely get paint on the hardware if you do not remove it, and you also will have a much more inefficient painting process as a result of the hardware being there.

While you have the hardware off of the cabinets, you may want to consider replacing the hardware entirely — and you can get a good deal on this sort of thing if you take advantage of a thrift store or otherwise look for deals on this sort of hardware.

4. Good Quality Paint, Not Inexpensive Nor Expensive Paint

Lastly, remember that you don’t have to purchase expensive paint to make for a well painted basement cabinet.

You should not, however, consider getting bargain basement paint from the dollar area of your local big box store and think that you will get a well painted set of cabinets out of it.

Instead, what you want to do is go in between and get mid priced paint that has quality pigment and will not fade soon over a short amount of time — for when you do this, you just have to paint all over again.

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