Loft Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

March 1, 2024
2024-03-01 Left Moon Painting Loft Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

Loft Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Kennett Square, PA

You have a possibly lovely room in your loft – an area in your home where much fun can take place, perhaps even a bit of relaxing when you have the time and the mood strikes.

Painting your loft is one good way to get it looking better, but you should know that there are certain key mistakes that you’re going to want to avoid in the process of getting it painted.

Doing so will help make for an overall better painting process — as well as a loft area that looks like it was really lovingly painted.

Let’s have a look at some loft painting mistakes to avoid when you want a nicely painted loft.

1. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

Though you might think that the right and wrong kinds of paint basically comes down to using interior paint versus using exterior paint, there is much more to it than that though this is of course going to be quite key.

In painting an interior room you have to put some thought into the kind of room that is being painted and what use is being made of the room — is it going to be a well loved and used room or a seldom used room?

If you expect to see quite a bit of traffic in a given room, you’re going to want to make use of a glossy paint that is going to be easier to clean — that way, when the inevitable stain makes its way onto your wall you will be more able to easily clean it.

It’s easy to see how a room such as a loft would have a higher amount of traffic, perhaps combined with having people go in and out of it with food and the like increases the chances of getting stains on the wall that you’d want to clean.

2. Not Cleaning Before Painting

Speaking of cleaning, there are some that make the mistake of not cleaning the surfaces that are going to be painting and just hoping that the primer and paint that they’re going to apply cover everything that was there beforehand.

This is a mistake and will end up leaving you with a loft that looks like you took some dirty walls and applied paint to them, which is to say a rather unpleasant looking loft all together.

A better thing to do in this case is to make the time to clean the surfaces that you’re going to be painting and ensure that you have time to allow these surfaces to fully dry before you move onto the next step in the painting process.

3. Not Fixing Holes In The Surfaces

In working with a loft painting project, you will sometimes come across holes in the surfaces that you are going to be painting.

Sometimes these holes come about because someone wanted to put up a shelving unit and then removed it, leaving behind the holes that were created by the bits and pieces that held up the shelves.

Other times they are just pure accidents that happened – a playful toss gets miscalculated and suddenly you have a rather unpleasant dent in the wall that is quite obvious.

By making the time to fix the holes in the surfaces that you are going to be painting you are making better looking surfaces even before you start the painting process.

Remember that not all holes can be fixed in the same way — small nail holes can be fixed a lot more easily than larger holes in the wall, which require much more time, effort, and material to fix.

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